Web Tech - Wordpress Safety: Do Not Panic!

Year and a half educated us that WordPress security shouldn't be dismissed by any means. Between 15% and 20% of the world's high traffic sites are powered by WordPress. The fact it is an Open Source platform and everyone has access to its Source Code makes it a tempting prey for hackers.

Backing up your site regularly assists in securing from fix wordpress malware virus hackers. You must keep a copy of your files hide away in system so that you can be certain of your database. This makes you a protected backup files that serves you in times of down that is unexpected is the system. Hackers are less likely to slip from a bonded back up system.

I might find it a little harder to crack your password if you're one of the proactive ones. But if best site you're among the ones, I might just get you.

Harness Scanner goes through the files on your site comment database and post tables seeking anything suspicious. You are also notified by it for unusual plugin names. It doesn't remove anything, it simply warns you.

Security plug-ins can be thought of as a security checker. They give you information concerning the possible weaknesses of the site and scan and check the whole website.

Change your WordPress admin and password username, or at least your password, often and collect and use other WordPress safety tips to keep hackers out!

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